Morning unfolding!

The moon sitting in the Southwest horizon this morning was still shining brightly

The moon sitting in the Southwest horizon this morning was still shining brightly

The morning sounds…they drew me. I awakened in the dark. Silence. Nothing….until it is interrupted by the first calls of the rooster. The dark has a glowing to it,  in an early morning way. The intervals between calls from the roosters are interspersed with song. The song of nature. I love the morning bird songs. The calls and coos and chirps and whistles. It is soothing to my soul.  I watched the window, seeing the dark turn to day in that slow lazy way it turns over. I feel something tugging at me.  I had to go outside. I needed to be part of that first light of day.

The dew on the grass dampened my sandaled feet. There is a cool slow breeze that brushed past my legs that peeked out from below my robe. The Layers and The Littles were beginning to coo and move about inside their refuge of nighttime safety.

Pink and white clouds against the blue sky!

Pink and white clouds against the blue sky!

I looked up! What a beautiful morning it is. The moon still hanging in the southwest was quite lovely to see. Some white and pink clouds mingled against the backdrop of bright blue sky. My senses enjoyed the sights and smells and sounds that were ringing in the morning. I was present!

After walking the perimeter of the barn and enjoying the views and vistas from all the vantage points the girls were letting me know in very insistent pecking noises that they were ready to be outdoors too!!! Tawyna was the first one out the door today. Good morning girls!!! Oh, and Pumpkin too. After fluffing their feathers and running around a few times each one settles into the time-honored chore of pecking at the ground for what they can find! Time for me to head back upstairs.

Moonlight and sunlight make a beautiful morning sky!

Moonlight and sunlight make a beautiful morning sky!

My first spring morning being outdoors and enjoying all the blessings of this special time of day. Thank you God for the gift of this day!

The same..and yet different.

This is my pair of, almost 2 week old, Speckled Sussex. I believe they are about 2 weeks old today! I bought them at the Grange. I have named one of them Pecking Peggy. The other…I am unsure yet. I am suspicious one of them ia not the same as the other…gender wise. Time will tell. This is my first chick experience. They said at the grange I was getting pullets. But there is something about these two…they don’t seem the same.

This is Peckin' Peggy and ????.  I am thinking one of them is not the same as the other...gender wise.  Time will tell.

This is Peckin’ Peggy and ????. I am thinking one of them is not the same as the other…gender wise. Time will tell.

LIfe is good at home with my flock. My 12 girls are laying about 6.5 eggs a day. I have 5 new babies that all seem to be doing very well. I am anticipating getting 3-5 Blue Red Laced Wyandottes chicks in March. I hope this to be the beginnig of my breeding stock. If one of my Speckled Sussex is a roo too…that is ok by me!!! I would be pleased to be breeding both the BRLW and the Speckled Sussex.

I had my first Reiki treatment today. It was a freebie…although I did gift her 18 eggs!~ A local woman who placed an ad on our own version of “craigslist” here in S. Oregon.  She came to my home and “laid hands” on me. And it felt wonderful! Warm! Caring. Insightful! Helpful! Healing!

I am so grateful to be able to go “outside the box” to find potential healing for my mind and my body. So far, everyone from my chiropractor, nurse practitioner, accupunturist and now my reiki specialist have been very caring and open to helping me with their various modalities. And each of them has merit!!! I have been benefitted physically as well as emotionally, spiritually and mentally from visits with each practitioner.

While chiropractic and massage seems to help for low back and neck issues, the accupunturist has helped with tendonitis, smoking(not planned, and yet I have not had a desire for a cigerette since my first visit) and generalized pain. And now, Reiki has made me feel more aware of my spirituality combined with my physical and emotional person. For someone like me, who appreciates scientific proof, I am enjoying the proof of the pudding more than any words or test results from others that may tout and/or attempt to disprove the benefits of these health treatment modalities.

A couple things the Reiki therapist shared with me during and following my session:

1. She asked, “Is there something you need to talk about, a truth that may be painful?”.  I have not yet, after careful consideration, determined what she was referring to specifically.  I have been working on speaking my heart over the last three years.  It is very possible there is something in my subconscious that I have yet to bring forward.

2.  She said there is  lots of stuff in my back (I have bulging discs, DDD, as well as a recent back strain from a motorcycle accident(I tried to save a bike from going over, and it didnt’ work, except to strain my low back).

3. She asked about the work I was doing, hospice work, which is not work, but rather a gift of love for a friend.  She asked if this loss would be a loss in my recovery life that would be challenging?  Interesting question.  I intend to talk about that issue extensivley on the 22nd of this month in another posting!

4.  She also said that she felt a sense of “community” about me.  That being involved in the community is part of me.  This is one of my desires that I have not attended to since leaving Springfield in 2002~


Overall…Reiki seems like a good “next step” in my self care plan.   Combining Western Medicine, Eastern Medicine, good sense, nature and ME!!!!  Who knows where this next step is going….I am just remaining open.  And enjoying my chicks in the meantime.