A crispy cold morning walk!


I awakened this morning as the sun was streaking through the frozen shroud of trees.  I lazily reached for my phone to check the time and it was 7:30am.  Wow.  I haven’t awakened at this time after sleeping through the night in about 6 months!!!  It was chilly.  I turned up the heater one notch and used the bathroom and crawled back into bed.  Fumbling under the covers I found the switch for the electric blanket.  I turned it on low and shivered to myself while snuggling back under the covers.  I laid there a few minutes and then I happened to glance out and saw so how pretty it truly was outdoors this frosty morning.  I checked the temperature and it said 22 degrees.

The blanket was beginning to heat up a little and it felt so good, but the outdoors was calling.  So strange!  I am rarely out the door before 8 am unless I have an appointment or something.

I started layering.  Longgies first.  Then a pair of pants.  Two hoodies.  A cap down around my ears with the hoodies pulled over it.  Then two pair of socks before donning my cowgirl boots.



Looking across to the neighbors!  A photo barely captures how vast the vineyard is.

I cautiously exited my trailer, crunching the frozen snow below my feet on the steps. The air is cold and crisp and there isn’t a wisp of a breeze. My clothing is adequate for warmth.  I began walking because I wanted to see what it looked like down the road after getting out from under all the firs here on the property!  There was a sun out there!!!


I found the sun, shining through the barren branches of the big oak down the street!



I was spurred on by the brilliance of the sun and how good it felt to be out walking this morning.  Of course Shasta was right alongside me happy to be trotting in the snow.  We found our way around to the front side of the vineyard.  I took a few photos, but the early hour prevented me from going up to the estate.  I don’t want to be known as a barging neighbor.  🙂

While the views and vistas here are different from those down in S. Oregon, they have their own beauty for certain.  The rolling hills with wineries and farms dotting the countryside, it brings many from all over the world to enjoy the fine wines and temperate weather.

My toes were beginning to feel the cold and it was time to turn back home.  We met a van of workers stuck on the corner.  They were trying to use some branches and whatnot to give them some traction.  I myself had slipped once, realizing at that moment I had not brought my phone with me.  The perils of being an absent-minded photographer are many.

I walked to the other side of the big old oak tree to take a shot of it with the sun shining towards it.  Quite a contrast from the other side I thought.  Just like life sometimes.  Even with the brilliance of the sun shining through the branches the tree appeared dark and gloomy.  Now with the light illuminating its other side it is a strong bright looking entity.


Hiking up the drive we passed a neighbor and exchanged pleasantries.  I was so proud of Shasta as she followed every command.  I have been working on her about sounding alarms when I am aware.  I tell her “no bark” and she is listening well.  She didn’t bark at the men in the van at all, as I had seen them in advance and repeated the command of “no bark” and “good-girl” for listening.  When we passed the neighbor, I hadn’t noticed him in my relaxed state of communion with nature and my God.  Shasta barked two times and then stopped when I gave her the command.  She is such a smart girl.

The garbage had been dumped so I hauled the can up the drive and we took a short loop around the perimeter of the grounds.  I really am blessed to live in such a pretty area and be able to enjoy the outdoors in a way that is providing for my needs.


As I come to a close in writing this post, I can’t help but be amazed at myself!  I wrote today, without it feeling overwhelming or difficult to find the words to say what I felt.  It is now noon, which is more typical of a time I’d be getting up and out and about.  Instead, I’ve been given large amounts of gratitude within myself from the beauty I experienced on my walk.  For the moment I have overcome my writers block or whatever it was that wouldn’t allow me to feel comfortable writing here.  I also put together a nice brunch for myself from the Quiche I prepared last night with a couple of pieces of gluten-free toast and home-made raspberry jam.  It’s a stellar day already.  There is much left to it and I hope it goes as well as the first part!  I also hope you all have a stellar day and take some time to get out and enjoy nature and what you are blessed with in your personal life.  Especially with the holiday season in full swing.  Take time for you and time to breathe in the true spirit of this season.  Peace


Sunshine illuminating my  breaking of fast!