Happy Father’s Day (to those who have taught another how to mow a lawn)


Happy Father’s Day….to the dad’s who have a great partner that compliments your role so you have time and energy to do great dad stuff.  Happy Father’s Day to those who raise kids that aren’t yours by blood but that doesn’t mean a thing to you.  Happy Father’s Day to the dad’s who do most if not all the child rearing themselves without a female influence.  Happy Father’s day to all the mom’s out there that taught their kids how to mow a lawn and change a tire.

I received a Happy Father’s day, for all the years I did it alone.  I did my best.  All three of my living offspring know how to make a meal, wash their clothes, take out the trash and mow the lawn, among other things. Thank you daughter for recognizing that I played the father role, along with many other hats along the way.

I take my hat off to any parent who did it alone for any period of time.  It is a difficult challenge to be a parent and a wage earner and a home maker all at once.  Happy Father’s day to all you single parents.  I take my hat off to  you and curtsy as well!  You rock!!!





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