What to Blog on a rather dreary day?

I woke the first time at about 5:30am.  I don’t know why I awakened in the dark of the morning, but my first thought was how is the fire?  I hate to be cold!  I like my bedroom cool, but I don’t really want to get cold.  So when I opened the door to the main living area, I was happy  it was still warm.  I could see that wood was needed.  In fact, there weren’t even enough coals to start it back up without 2 sheets of newspaper.  Yes, I said 2 sheets.  When you don’t get a daily newspaper, and you have to be aware of the woodstove, you conserve newspaper!!!  I too remember the days of wadding up an entire section to get a fire started.

When fire is not your main heating source, you don’t even consider things like how much paper you have to start the fire.  Or how much kindling.  Or how much wood you have to burn.  Or how dry that wood is and is it hard or soft?  You wouldn’t have to consider it if all you do is turn a dial in addition to paying your electric bill.

For me, living in this funky little place I call home, fire is going to be very important in the coming months.  It is my ONLY heat source other than the propane cook stove and oven.  That propane would not last very long if I used it for heat.  There is only a small tank and it is for cooking.  More to be discussed on that in another post.

My wood for this year started out as a gift of approximately one full truck load of very dry mixed wood.  I was so grateful for that because I ended up using most of it while trying to obtain more wood.  I also got a small truckload of big pieces of cedar (very soft) that I bartered for.  I picked up a bookcase in my truck and delivered it to someones home and they let me load up my truck with some wood they had.  All it cost me was gas for a trip to town.  Some of it was very large and will need to be split, but I have added it to my dry wood and it has been working alright.

I have a couple friends who have had some woodworking projects going on, and they have given me boxes of pieces and bits and ends that I can use for starter!  I am grateful for that too.  It saves me quite a bit of wood as well as time and energy to not have to split up a bunch of wood for starter.

So back to the newspaper.  I am using up some of the last of my newspaper from my recent move.  I can’t believe it has been 2 months since I moved here.  I feel so at home in my new place.  I do still have the “Corner of Chaos”.  What is that, you ask?  It is the 8-10-12 boxes of stuff and projects that are in the corner that I haven’t unpacked yet.  It has become part of the decor!  🙂  I WILL attend to it, because I want that last little bit of space to blend with the rest of my ecclectic collection of what I call HOME.

So, you may recall from a posting a day or so ago that I had wood delivered and had been stacking it.  Unfortunately, I did not get what I paid for.  I am still hopeful and have tried discussing this with the man who sold it to me.  I ended up with 1 and 1/4 cords of wood.  I paid for 2 cords.  I am trusting that if what I paid for isn’t delivered that God has another plan.  That is how my life works today.  I do my part, which is conserving the newspapers I have, and trust that He will provide the wood I need later in the year.  For now, for today, I am warm.


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