Preparations for Winter

Foggy mornings prevail in this valley.  The last few days I have awakened to a misty fog that hangs out  right here in our own little microclimate.  It isn’t suoper dense nor is it low.  It is just there enough to block seeing the hilltops across the property.  It is an enjoyable fog in my perspective.  Not too wet, not too cold, not too dense.  Just gentle drifts of whiteness.  It lifts around noon, and there are the grey skies just above the fog.  But it did not rain today.

I had to order wood to be delivered.  This is the first time I have had to order and buy wood myself.  I bought it from a young man who is just getting started in the business.  We have had a few warnings on Craigslist regarding the less than honest ethics that go with buying wood in these parts.  So when I spoke with this man I was very clear.  I told him that I had been a business owner in the past and I knew how hard it was to get started.  I also told him I knew of at least one household (M & E, my landlords, which is how I will always refer to them) that was needing a couple cords of wood.  I told them if they were honest and did a good and honest job that I would tell EVERYONE about them.

The first cord that was scheduled for delivery I received a phone call saying they were running late..  I told them I appreciated the call and the information.  They delivered the first cord and I did not measure it.  It appeared to be nice dry Silver Madrone, which is what they had advertiesed.

The next day they came back with another cord.  This time I measured.  8X7.5X20 inches.  It looked about the same as the last delivery.  I told them it seemed a bit short, and they said they would make it good.  They talked to M&E about getting wood later in the week.  I called and said by my calculations they were off by at least 1/4 cord, possibly closer to 1/2 cord.  I said I would be stacking it this week to get a true measurement.  They told me they would honor whatever was missing.

So today, I got out there and started stacking.  This is my first time stacking wood all on my own.  I had helped my brother in the past, as well as helped with preparing wood and stacking it where I lived last year.  But this was my very first time of doing it on my own.  I have to say I am feeling pretty good about it.  My stacks are tight, stable, sturdy and just about the right height.  I worked about 3 hours to get three stacks done.  It was getting dark and the girls had already got themselves into the coop by the time I finished up.

Dwindling wood pile

Wood Stack

First time stacking wood! I think I did a darned good job! More to do tomorrow.

How much wood do you usually use in a burning season?  I had about 1/2 cord already and am hoping I can make these 2 cords last.  Time will tell for me.  I did make some good progress on my stacking today.    I will have to make sure to set some aside for another cord or so for late winter/eary spring.  Where I lived last year I was told we went through 3 1/2 cords.  I was home most the time, so I may end up needing another cord. I do have to say, the woodstove I have here is wonderful at putting out the heat.  I am sitting at my table, having my dinner of Cha Cha Chicken and White Bean Chili and the heat is so nice coming from the woodstove.  I’ve had to remind myself more than once to close the bedroom door so my room will be cool for sleeping!  I like sleeping with a window cracked and the room cool, and nice warm cozy blankets and quilts.

I am considering making a Quiche tonight.  I have plenty of eggs as well as some fresh zuchinni, spinach and of course…onions and garlic.  I even picked up some Swiss Cheese.  For now I am going to enjoy my dinner and relax for awhile.  And I do know that a long hot soak in the tub in in my future before the end of the evening.

I am including a picture of my Polish hen, Donna.  She is quite the eye catcher.  Everyone notices Donna with her pretty coloring and her Bouffant hairdo!!!

Donna and her Bouffant hair

Donna is such a eye catcher. Everyone notices Donna. But she just pecks around like all the rest the girls and really doesn’t make much fuss about her appearance. Kind of like me!!!!