God slowed me down again today! A walk to the creek was my goal!

Today was also a pain day but I am up and dressed, I did my exercises and I’m getting ready to go walk a mile or more, and even job part of it! Cannabis, getting off pharmaceuticals, and tenacity have got me to today. i am so grateful.

Ms. Ladybug and her Layers

Frozen fog Frozen fog

Only a few people in the world have seen me have a morning like I did today.  A morning where the simple act of sitting upright at the edge of the bed requires  so much effort and causes so much pain that it takes me a minute to realize I am in tears.  Today was one of those days where sitting at the edge of the bed, crying, and looking at the toilet that is 15 feet away and needing to get there NOW was cause for sobs.  It would be so easy to tell you all the things I couldn’t do today.  I could give you a list of things that I wished I could do, have plans to do, am interested in doing, and then tell you that I can’t do them because of this limiting pain.  Instead, I am going to share with you what I DID do!

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