United We Stand



winds blow

seasons of change

athletes training in action

patriots day

help already present

running INTO the melee

Forgetting differences

We all bleed the same

Just there to help

What do you need?

What are you?


When I want to only hear nature, this is where I go

Free to fly!!!!

WE often read of things that are going on in our country that diminish the pride in America.    Loss of choices in what is grown and how it is grown.  Cover-ups by government entities for folks in high places.  Crime in our cities.  Bullies in our schools.  Most of this is either government attacking US or we as individuals are treating one another badly.  Why do we allow this?  Why do we DO this?

This week, an obvious attack on US as an entity of united we stand.  Again, without hesitation, hundreds run into the melee of danger and horror offering any help to any person without thought to themselves or any of the things that so often divide us.   As a country we come together when we perceive an attack is being made on us.  In the worst of times we do show our best sides.  Our character that makes us proud to be American shows wonderfully under dire straights.   So what do we need to do to “come together…..right now”, on some of the most important issues we face in our country today?  Our food and the right to grow it, consume it, sell it, and protect it for future generations is being challenged.  Our personal safety, in our homes and out amoungst our communities is not secure.  Based on what I read, it appears that our leaders and the government would like to make it so we have even less ability to protect ourselves and our homes.  They are buying up ammunition and there are lobbyists working day and night hoping to take away our right to bear arms.

Yes dear, yes dear, yes dear.  Pumpkin is learning early!

Yes dear, yes dear, yes dear. Pumpkin is learning early!

Diana and Thelma taking a stroll

Diana and Thelma taking a stroll

Feeling the breeze!

Feeling the breeze!

Yet, there is no money to provide care for our mentally ill.  They are left to roam the streets and live life the best they can.  The general public does not understand mental illness.  They have a picture in their mind of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”.  They do not understand that mentally ill does NOT mean they are dumb or illiterate or unable to carry out a plan of action if they so choose to, even if their reasoning and rationale is very tilted.  Many mentally ill people are of extreme high intelligence.

In spite of the serious challenges we face as a nation today I still think we live in the best country on earth.  I also believe we are united when we start looking at the similarities instead of pointing out all the differences.  It is obvious when we join forces and work together….the job gets done!

There really is no point to this except my own personal musings regarding our nation the week of the Boston Marathon Bombings.  Oh, and of course, to share some pictures with you!  They have NOTHING to do with what I wrote about.  They have EVERYTHING to do with own personal life.  Enjoy!

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