What’s New? The entire YEAR! 2013 is going to be FABULOUS!

Pain in the neckShortly after my last post, I developed a very persistant pain in my neck.  Now, 6 weeks later I am still suffering with it.  I have been in a neck brace for the last week and was on almost complete rest for the week also.  With the pain and discomfort, I did not get nearly all the things done during the holiday season as I had hoped.  But, I did enjoy plenty.

Thanksgiving weekend was my first time being here on the farm by myself.  M&E were gone for a few days and so I had the responsibilty of all the animals!  It was wonderful.

I started out on a road trip on Dec. 1st and didn’t return home until Dec. 9th.  It was really wonderful to visit with family and friends.  It was my grandson’s 3rd birthday and he is in love with trains and so we went on the Polar Express train ride out of Hood River, OR.  He LOVED it.  And so did I.  Both his parents went also and it was my gift to all of them!

My grandson is fascinated with trains.  Runs in the family.  I come from a long line of train folks.

My grandson is fascinated with trains. Runs in the family. I come from a long line of train folks.

When I got home I felt the rush to get some Christmas things going, but had to finish up a few projects first. Worked on some great chairs I have for my dining room.  They still aren’t done today tho.  This darned pinched nerve really kept my activities limited.  But at least I know what I want and have got them started.  They will get finished.

Still need to finish these, but like how they are coming along

Still need to finish these, but like how they are coming along

I did lose one of my hens while on my journey.  From what the UPS man told M&E, it was quite a site of nature when the hawk swooped out of the sky and hauled off Grace.  RIP Grace…you were a wonderful layer and gave me lots of joy!

RIP Grace

RIP Grace

Christmas was spent with a friend and it was quiet, and enjoyable.  We fixed a feast for two (with plenty of leftovers) of ham in my new dutch oven, green beans, Funeral Potatoes (this was Buck’s family recipe), sweet potatoes with tangerines and of course a Pumpkin Pie!  It was all very yummy.

New Year’s was celebrated quietly, as the pain in my neck had become out of control a few days before.  I had hoped to go out dancing, but instead listened to the goings on of a group of teenagers while resting at my friends house.  It was enjoyable.

I am looking forward to this year.  I want to learn more about building my flock of hens, and maybe do some breeding, which means I need a rooster too!!!!  I want to get bees.  I want to grow lots of fun yummy stuff in the garden.  I want to can and can a can in the summer.

I also want to keep working on healing old wounds.  Many were layed to rest this last year.  I have finally made peace with my mother, God rest her soul.  This was a long time in coming.  I hung a picture of her in my hallway.  First time in over 10 years I could bear to see her face on my walls.  There were many hurts to overcome, and with the help of God, it has been done. The layers of hurts and struggles from the past are slowly being lifted and cast aside.  The more I surrender to God’s will, the easier it is.  I’m just a slow learner is all.  At least I am learning tho.

I am still enjoying approximately 6 eggs a day from my 12 hens.  They are completely paying for themselves with what I sell.  I get all my eggs for free! The amount of joy and entertainment they provide is priceless!   That is the goal for my gardening also.  That I can sell some to pay for the expenses of what I raise for myself!  And that the entertainment and therapy I enjoy are priceless benefits.

The girls taking a stroll!

The girls taking a stroll!

I just need to get this neck/shoulder better.  Until then, I will cook and take picture of my girls and just do what I can each day as it presents itself.

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