Old diaries

MY child is born

My eldest child turned 3o this last week.  30!!!! How does that happen?  I don’t feel that old.   Well, maybe my body does, but my mind certainly doesn’t.  I”m still learning life myself!

There was an entry date on 10/25/1982, which was my kids’ dad and my 2nd anniversary.  The next entry is on 11/8/1982!  The day after my son’s birth.  It starts out saying “WOW, you are finally here”.

I find it interesting that my handwriting is nice and neat and tidy.  Unhurried.

What a truly wonderful gift to me.  Writings of my hopes and fears from 30 years ago.  I wrote this for my son.  I think it is time to pass it on.

Do you have something special you’ve saved for a child to show how much you cared when they were born?  It is so easy rush through those moments.  We get so busy.  And for me, someone who has moved about 25 times since then, it is amazing that I still have this journal!  It is the moments in life.

Thanking God today for my love of writing, way back when.

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