Temperature drops, time to cozy up

I’ve had a few things going on this week to keep me occupied.  I had some social interactions.  I had my truck break down on Monday and it still wouldn’t work today after the nice man down the street (thank you Tom)changed the alternator for me.  I cleaned the main house on the property this week.  It is a big job for me.  I ordered 2 cords of firewood.  That meant I had to clean up an area where some old debris was so that I could put the woodpile where I wanted it.  Whew.

Tonight the temperature is to drop to 29.  It was chilly last night and I cooked myself a really nice dinner.  Today I roasted a chicken.

I’m wondering what all I will make out of that bird.  Some stock and a pot of soup will ward of the chill.  Maybe I will serve it with  Bacon Apple Cheddar Melts!  On Sourdough.  I saw them on Pinterest and they look so yummy.  Cooking seems like the thing to do when the temperature gets chilly.

Speaking of chickens, my girls received a nice compliment from a visiting neighbor.  She said “Well, they are just some real friendly chickens”.  Makes me smile.  They are such nice girls.  And they gave me 6 eggs today.  Good job ladies.

2 thoughts on “Temperature drops, time to cozy up

  1. Sounds like you’ve had a busy week! That chicken looks good! I love roasted chicken and usually stuff mine with rosemary. I love your new blog. I’ll try to check in more often and see what you’re up to. 😉

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